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If you need to use OneStepCheckout in a language that is not supported yet, you can easily create a new language file. Make a copy of the english (or another language if you prefer) language file and start editing it to your wanted language. There is only about 40 phrases/words that needs to be translated, so it shouldn't take more than 5 minutes to translate.

You can find the OneStepCheckout translation file in one of the app/locale/ folders. If you want to make translations from English, copy it from en_US.

The translation file is always called "Idev_OneStepCheckout.csv" and must be placed in a folder according to the language you are translating to. If you browse app/locale you should see what folder you need to upload the file into based on the language codes (english is en_US, dutch is nl_NL).

You can also download the latest version of the file if you'd like:

How to edit

  1. Open Idev_OneStepCheckout.csv in an editor that supports UTF-8 character sets
  2. Go through each line and make the translations.
    1. Each line should begin with the original english phrase (see image below)
  3. Save it and make sure you save it with UTF-8 as character set
  4. Upload to your app/locale/your_LANGUAGE/ folder
  5. Refresh your Magento cache under System -> Cache management
  6. Reload OneStepCheckout in your store and see it in your language
  7. Send us a copy of the translation file to


  • When you make translations, pay attention to quote marks in the language files. You must keep the formatting correct in order for the translation file to work. (see image below)



  • Local characters are not displaying correctly

If your local characters aren't displaying properly, it is likely that the language file you uploaded weren't saved with "UTF-8" as character set. You need a modern editor in order to save files in UTF-8, like for example Editplus.

  • My translations doesn't appear at all

If you can't see the translations you've made in the translation file you need to make sure of the following:

  1. That your Idev_OneStepCheckout.csv does follow the CSV format by using quotes, correct syntax for each line is: "Original phrase","Translated phrase"
  2. That you have refreshed your cache under System -> Cache management

I can't figure it out

If you are unable to get your translation file to work, please send us a copy of it to and we will test it for you and verify the syntax.